Monday, September 26, 2016

'Weird' feeling for Blackhawks who are missing start of training camp

Marcus Kruger jersey

There is one thing Swedish defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson and Blackhawks teammates were happy to miss the start of training camp in Chicago this week - physical tests.

"There are always one or two tests that makes you feel kind of nauseous," Hjalmarsson said. "So nice not to."

Hawks 10 who participated in the World Cup of hockey missed the dreadful day "testing", where the Hawks-evaluate the physical condition of each player. They may be going through there when they come back, aim for now, they are getting a reprieve.

September Hawks Remained in Toronto at the World Cup to play for their respective countries, gold Team Europe in the box of Marian Hossa, while the Hawks Started camp Friday. Hawks players we had Each of the four teams in the semifinals, who began Saturday with a game between Russia and Canada. The semifinals Sunday pit Sweden against Team Europe.

"It's a little weird," said Hawks captain Jonathan Toews Jersey. "You really feel like a long time since the camp (Team Canada) (and) now halfway through the tournament. The guys prepare to Chicago (and) we're not worried about it. We focus on what we have to do here. "

Toews said he does not care how an important part of the Hawks list Being away for camp will affect the chemistry once the season starts.

"I'm starting to feel good on the ice and by the time I get back, everyone will be on the même page," said Minister Toews. "... We'll all meet back where we need to be. "

Hjalmarsson is happy to have something different to break the monotony of the preseason.

"It's just nice to do something different INSTEAD of thing year after year Saami" said Hjalmarsson.

Aim it's not like thesis Hawks take vacations While They miss the training camp. They have-been-playing competitive hockey for almost a month.

"To be here playing in high-pace game, play for the country as well. It's the best way you can prepare," said the Swedish center Marcus Kruger.

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